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April 2005 on the Biz

April? she’ll be back in about 5 min.

Saturday the Last of the Great Apes

April has come and gone… as the sun now sets on the Great Apes, May flowers. But as Lou Christie sings, Lightning Strikes again and again and again and again. The warm spells magic, and the wave has not broken nor even crested as yet.

Some people, okay my sister, have written and asked why I would re-clothe myself for the picture above. She who declared on New Weird America that we are all Clothed Monkeys… but I reply that some of us must also be Midnight Movers… Buddy Miles told people he was “a freight train coming down the highway tracks.” That’s how I feel these last days of Apes: clothed in the fabric of my roots, belching out diesel fumes as I move from track to track. But as the solar rays set a-flame the heavy clothes of passersby, I shall re-emerge, quasi-nude in all my queer glory…

like a pasty white butterfly emerging from the larvi of my hooded sweatsuits.

Food for Animals be cut and pasting all up in my face

I know I am moving up in the world when I have to work weekends (right?)… but damnit, this weekend will be a lot of work. On the plus side, for everyone else, Food for Animals is playing a show tonite @ ICC Performance Hall (557 Cambridge St.) Dunno what time. Big whatever to Allston area. But Food for Animals be cut and pasting all up in my face… and I don’t even enjoy much new music. Big ups to Vulture Voltaire (Andrew) & Ricky Rabbit (Ricky Rabbit?)!

Kevin Smith has posted serious spoilers to the Revenge of the Sith on his blog. Basically, it’s that Kenobi slices and dices off all Anakin’s arms and legs, leaving him dying, spitting verbal venom, in a river of lava…. and that’s how Anakin becomes the half man/ half machine, aka Darth Vader. Good work, Lucas….. you coony old hedge hog…

I am working with my business partner on certain developments for the future of the space here, including a new half-naked picture of me! All eyes on biz.

April 2005 on the Biz

April? she’ll be back in about 5 min.

A heaping plate late on into the night

Well here we are piling up another heaping plate late on into the night… the streets are damp and misty, and I am surrounded by pairs of headphones and various mediiia… most of which I filled up with ‘crazy’ and ‘ridiculous’ mixtapes that no pure human being can tolerate listening to in entireties. No, it takes a queer human/animal chimera… one of the ones which hear sounds as good as dogs or dolphins, but never ever speak, or make eye contact…

I have siphoned a bit off a bit of one such mix, and lay the disembodied remains at your door like the chimerical cat I am. The sounds of this mp3 are meant to stylize the showdown between Christian fascists and our urban enlightenment… the mp3 is 9 minutes long… number 9, for good luck, minutes of abstract musical meditation… for the defense of city life.

l33ts and n00bs

Speakinbout the key difference ‘tween l33ts and noobs…

The Boston Courant in it’s April 25 -May 1 edition has a rundown of various petty crimes and other small shittings under the title, “Police Report.” This is written chiefly to discuss trifling offenses to the law, but instead trumpets terrible noobishness towards the ears of the few, wise 3l1t3 still listening to the stirrings of the Courant streets… Under the subtitle “The Energizer Crime Bunny”…. WARNING, NOOB ALERT …….

“The suspect placed five packs of Energizer and Duracell batteries in his jacket’s inner pocket… The District Four officers arrested him for larceny… ”

“Hoperfully this arrest has pulled the plug on this Energizer Crime Bunny.”

Pulled what plug! The Energizer Crime Bunny……. The God damn Energizer Crime Bunny…. doesn’t not NEVER plugg into a wall! No homey, n’uh uh. That motherfucker runs on BATTERIES, PEOPLE. Motherfucker runs on batteries. That’s all I know.

Lemurs, wolverines, chinchillas, and wombats

Wow, I just got home from Industry Night at Kings, where people in the hotel/restaurant BIZ get to bowl/ play pool for free… what a time! I never knew I could drink so many Johnny Walker Blacks and still hit strikes… but then, whiskey and bowling have long been my strong suits.

Well, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Anne Sunseri, from Chicago (or Lake Forest, depending on how you look at it) for providing the excellent content today.. This woman is fabulous, the best. She has given us a picture of a pet owner and her wombat. This is all to contradict my earlier statement that only lemurs, wolverines, and chinchillas would grace my website here… big ups to Anne, for proving me wrong.

Serious mecha-walrussing

Time has passed and I have mecca-walrussed my way from Cambridge, MA down the pikes and highways to near New Haven, CT, and back to Cambridge, to and from Lesbian Night at the Toast in Somerville, eaten lunch with my Dutch manager, and crept up to New Hampshire for Pall Malls, and then back down. That is serious mecca-walrussing, and mind, mecca-walrii need gas…

Exurbs, those religious communities parasitically drawing sustenance off our population meccas, also need gas. As they are in ascendance now so shall they decline, paradoxically with the rise in the price of gasoline…

I personally devote my life to the rigorous street defense of our North Eastern cities, Boston&Cambridge, New York, Hartford&New Haven, Chicago&Canada&maybe-even-California, versus exurban religious despots from the middle of the country who would try to change our ways&quality of life… Look to the Armies of Compassion when the petroleum crisis hits: they will be knocking desperately on our City Walls, wailing “Mercy!”…. we will turn them back from our Gates to the ruins of their unsustainable exurbs like the Barbarians they are…

No, people, no cry

“There is 3 types of people in this world… That’s how I know a change is gonna come: Black people, White people… and My people…”

-Baby Huey

I hope all my people will understand that I need to take the next 3 days off from both work and play to be with my family. Hell, even Jesus supposedly took 3 days off before resurrection… so no, people, no cry. I’ll be back up in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the end of the week/ Beginning of the weekend… May the peace be with you.

Different Strokes -for- Different Folks

Different Strokes -for- Different Folks and So On. And So On. And… scooby doobie doobie…

Set list from Saturday party:

David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing in the Street, Rick James – She Blew My Mind (69 Times), Danny & the Juniors – At the Hop, Chubby Checker – Loddy Lo, Music Explosion – Little Bit O’Soul, Billy Preston – We’re Gonna Make it, KC & the Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes, Joey and the Starliters – Hot Pastrami with Mashed Potatos Pt. 1, Dazz Band – Let it Whip, Gap Band – You Dropped a Bomb On Me, Wilson Picket – I’m a Midnight Mover, Jacksons – Shake Your Body (Down to the Floor), Alicia Bridges – I Love the Nightlife

Yuri, Ethan (the two fabulous other djs), Mr. Uterus, ari, eliot & christina, the Man Who Carried the Backpack and Is A Walking Cause, my sister, Ro, deepa & valentina (just cause i love they names) and all others who worked to make it happen and such a special night I thank. Big Ups to Chef David!