A heaping plate late on into the night

Well here we are piling up another heaping plate late on into the night… the streets are damp and misty, and I am surrounded by pairs of headphones and various mediiia… most of which I filled up with ‘crazy’ and ‘ridiculous’ mixtapes that no pure human being can tolerate listening to in entireties. No, it takes a queer human/animal chimera… one of the ones which hear sounds as good as dogs or dolphins, but never ever speak, or make eye contact…

I have siphoned a bit off a bit of one such mix, and lay the disembodied remains at your door like the chimerical cat I am. The sounds of this mp3 are meant to stylize the showdown between Christian fascists and our urban enlightenment… the mp3 is 9 minutes long… number 9, for good luck, minutes of abstract musical meditation… for the defense of city life.

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