Maybe It Is Butter

Scooping up domains with popular names like “” and “” (chef david) can be a worthwhile hobbyhorse… the resale value of something like (owned by a representative of South Korea) can be quite a lot more than the initial investment cost. Although I can’t get (yet)… and be taken… Chimeras.we? If the baby human-mice fusions exhibit ANY signs of human behavior, promptly destroy “them”…

Now that the website is one month old, and in the second month, I’d like to recap what I’ve been wearing on my left wrist for the past year. I began with rubber bands… because Luis Tubens told me to wear it, to remember something… I can’t remember what. Next Carlos dished me a blue wristband that said “Believe” and it was soon followed by a big red one; “Battlestar Galactica.” But then Rick gave me this darker blue one on which it is written…

“F*** U” When I am working I tell customers it means “Feed U”, and to “Shut up and eat.”

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