This was where they did all their negotiations… This was their Manhattan Headquarters

Reupped the Pall Mall, Diet Coke & Beef stocks to rolling thunder levels on Sunday. Its nice to take a drive up to New Hampshire and live free for a while, especially driving fast up an East Coast highway on a blue sky weekend closer. The double yellow line disappears and its all just strips of white and wide lanes. The man who sold me the Coney (Chili) Dog at A&W in Salem, NH., across the border from good ole Methuen, Mass was named Moses…

Saturday night watched a terrific movie Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine. Had me thinking about Human Versus Machine, whether it is a question of versus or simply our evolutionary destiny, and about the end of the original Star Wars, Obi Wan says, “Use the Force, Luke,” and Skywalker turns off the targeting computer and relies on the Spirit of the Universe, hits the shaft, and blows up the Death Star. IBM threw up a veil of secrecy, and the film questions the legitimacy of Deep Blue’s win, comparing the machine to the famous Turkish automaton with the human being hidden under the table. Irregardless, the age of the machine is upon us, the Thing is alive now, and as with all things in the universe alive, human beings better give it some space and respect. A Kasparov quote:

“I’m afraid its a little bit dangerous, you know, to come back to your past trying to carve something for your energy now. Its… it belongs there. Its part of my life, its part of the glory, its a great history, I’m proud of it, but its still history…”

Lanes & Games & did I mention I rolled a 185?

If all this seems a little nonsensical to you realize that I’m an East Coast oyster shucker and full time server of way overpriced lunch Heinekens, Captain of the B Team and maintaining a presence as a street attorney. That’s a lot of stones in the air, and theres so many birds, too…

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