If you can understand this post, you score 100%

Okay so I had a week of hard work, and I feel better for it. Saturday morning I worked for a young lady named Stephanie, took her privae party, and served a group of doctors inhouse to listen to a talk about the Un-Locker. The Foor Un-locker is an insole that somehow corrects feet right neatly… this is what Dr. Scholl’s wears as he sells you squishy foot pads with sea weed… evidently.
So that guy giving the sales pitch to these doctors is named Arthur II, and hes no tightwad. We’re talking open bar, three courses. As a child, I always assumed doctors had sex with their wives on floor cushions, at least once a week. It can be exciting to serve doctors because I picuture them in various positions on floor cushions.

Friday night (to be chronologically incorrect) I had a dream I was driving, my friend Ray shotgun, backwards at a high speed, the car uncontrollable, yet somehow I was able to steer it, and avoided all damage. A bizarre dream that made me forty five minutes late for work Saturday morning. Friday night before the sleep was the Cantab, forgetaboutit.

The East Coast Grill miracously stayed in contact with me over the last twenty four hours, kept it tight. Saturday night I watched John Wayne in North to ALaska at a bar around midnight with Gabin Chance. The bartender was a sassy black woman with a red hair scarf and a red skirt… named Jacqueline. I played “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Little Stevie Wonder, followed by “Midnight Mover” by Wilson Pickett and “Friend of the Devil” by the Grateful Dead, on the jukebox. A table at work tonight gave me an extra $20. because I spun around and showed them my sexy body.

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