Real Faith Real RealFaith

I hope that in writing this i am not bringing to the table too much reflection on the hourlong Real World Austin post-series discussion titled “Tex, Hugs and Rock & Roll” that aired on Mtv tonight. That would be too bad, because when I was outside on the deck I had a real thought. Or perhaps under the circumstances a better word is sincere. I had a sincere thought.

You see, when the band Sound Team’s van dropped my friend off at a certain I-95 exit in a commuter parking lot and I got out of my whip to greet him, I noticed that the Puerto Rican sticker that I’d put on my car back a while ago… the sticker that had the word Faith imposed over praying hands working a purple rosary with the Puerto Rican flag in the background… that sticker was dangling off my car, stuck on finally by the skin of its teeth alone.

In arranging for Austin to get dropped off in this particular commuter parking lot adjacent to the ramp of a certain I-95 exit, he and I had played through the back and forth in many a game of phone tag. In one conversation he had asked if the white supreme Saturn still had the Puerto Rican Faith sticker whose adherence to the fiberglass whip-side I’d reported months ago on I confirmed that it was still stuck on, but by that time it was probably a cliffhanger.

Through the process of human movement logistics as organized over cellular phones by two close friends far from one another, I found myself frustrated, at one point convincing myself that Austin and I weren’t going to be able to hook up while he was on the East Coast. Funny that he mentioned the Faith, which I eventually found. Funnier still that the Faith in the form of my cars Puerto Rican Pride sticker wasn’t necessary by the moment that we had our reunion in realtime.

The sincere thought I have had tonight is the really magical thought that Faith is Real.

I mean, why do we have these stickers with the word Faith and praying hands holding a purple rosary, or any of the symbols that remind people to be positive about the future, if not in the hope that potential energy we acknowledge in Faith will be Real in future days. Sometimes faith is real. Too many religious people on this continent bet the chips of their faith on a hand that they believe no one can show until they die. That is a waste, because in the moments those peoples faith becomes real they will have no eyes.

After saying hellos Austin walked over to check out my white supreme Saturn and noticed that the sticker was literally hanging off the car on its last thread. We laughed about how I was about to lose my faith. Indeed, the next time I looked at the side of my car the sticker had fallen off entirely. But you can see where the back of it is still glued on. In the sunlight it looks like the outline of a white fire!

Prediction from the Prophesy Department @ Danny & Melinda, formerly of Real World: Austin and recently engaged to be married, will take over the MTV show Newlyweds from newly divorced Jessifer Simpson and Nicolas Lachey. In the future. In the year 2 G.

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