Stepping to the New Bird Flu Beat

Over on White Animal blog today I read about a new DJ dance phenomenon from the Ivory Coast: the bird flu krump. Some DJs put down a bird flu beat and dancers beat their arms to simulate a dying chicken. Go over to Emerson’s site to see a video, partnered up with a Jamaican bird flu jam… Or you can download that song here and match it up with the animated gif I’ve created to put the bird joy into the spots the bird flu might infect…

Listen to the BBC wisdom:

“It’s like a chicken with Parkinson’s disease trying to dance to hip-hop,” said one onlooker.

Welcome to the latest craze in Ivory Coast’s ever-inventive night life: the bird flu dance.

The deadly avian disease was discovered in Ivory Coast last week, and within days DJ Lewis had come up with the bird flu dance.

“I created the dance to bring happiness to the hearts of Africans, and to chase away fear, the fear of eating chicken” he told the BBC.

“If we kill all our chickens and poultry, our cousins in the village will become poor.

“So I created the bird flu dance to put joy back into our hearts.”

Download the Bird Flu song, by mixmasters Sample King and 1Dance, by clicking here.

ivory coast bird flu dance krump step sick chicken

6 thoughts on “Stepping to the New Bird Flu Beat

  1. was once an egg says:

    i love eggs and chicks and YOU

  2. Drew says:

    Where do i go to see the video?

  3. flykoo says:

    I like the song. And funny picture, but make it not so “heavy” (I mean KB).

  4. Well, its already made it to wiki. Hussein was a creature of power. And a real tyrant. Glad he is gone however I think we need to get out!

  5. […] EPIDEMIC: M.I.A. unleashes “Bird Flu” video, mp3 Published Feb 06 2007, 03:52 PM by Carly Carioli 0 No relation to the other bird flu. Closely related to the other-other bird flu (mp3 still up over here). Sure to spawn more webternerd message board threads arguing about her support of the LTTE. Unconfirmed reports that Switch is behind the beat, which means anyone who says they don’t like it risks having their hipster credit card revoked. Luckily for us, this shit is unstoppable: even our four year old is bouncing off the walls. HIGHLIGHTS: “It’s all about the watermelon shirt in the video.” “when i get fat imma pop me out some leaders” Whaaa! Why doesn’t this sound like Timberland? “Some Chicken Noodle Soup ought to clear that up.” DOWNLOAD: M.I.A., “Bird Flu” (mp3) (MySpace rip via Discobelle) .TagImage { float: left; overflow: hidden; width: 125px; height: 80px; margin: 5px 10px 5px 5px; } .clr {clear:both;} .TagBody{float:left;width:330px;font-family:Trebuchet MS;margin:5px 0;} .TagImage img { width: 125px; border: 0px; } .TagLink { font-size: 125%; font-weight: bold; font-family:Trebuchet MS; padding: 5px 7px; background-color:#f2f2f2; margin: 0px; } .TagSummary { padding-top: 5px; margin:0px; clear: both; } .TagItem { padding: 1px; clear: both; margin:10px 0px; border:solid 1px #cacaca; } […]

  6. Most cases of avian influenza infection in humans have resulted from direct or close contact with infected poultry or surfaces contaminated with secretions and excretions from infected birds. Even if poultry and eggs were to be contaminated with the virus, proper cooking would kill it. In fact, recent studies have shown that the cooking methods that are already recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for poultry and eggs to prevent other infections will destroy influenza viruses as well.

    So to stay safe, the advice is the same for protecting against any infection from poultry:

    * Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before and after handling raw poultry and eggs.

    * Clean cutting boards and other utensils with soap and hot water to keep raw poultry from contaminating other foods.

    * Use a food thermometer to make sure you cook poultry to a temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit Consumers may wish to cook poultry to a higher temperature for personal preference.

    * Cook eggs until whites and yolks are firm.

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