Monthly Archives: August 2006

End of Summer – Return of the Mack took a mermaid hiatus for the summer of 2006. After moving to a new house and getting a new job I have returned, so its time to retire those tired summertime animated gifs…

allstar sandwich bar east coast grill barbeque seafood hello cambridge chinaboy third arm chinese baby three arms shiva boy from china hello sony bravia crips bloods hartford adidas converse adderall hello australia

My Cameraphone’s August

This month Casey (formerly a bartender at Bukowski) introduced me to a drink where just one of them after brunch would make me blind. Introducing the Old Raj martini…

raj1.jpg raj2.jpg

Cat, who recently had a birthday milestone, was trying to get in some funtime before said milestone. So one day we went to the S&S for daquiries and shrimp cocktails. It was drizzly and nasty outside, but we were on a cruise! Big ups to the S&S for the Island Oasis blender, its a beaut. Another day in August, Cat wore this red dress… pictured next to some random red flowers.

catreddress.jpg redflowers.jpg

This was the last month that I lived with C and E. Here are a few pictures I cameraphoned of them, one from sometime in the August month when the living room was still put together and not a nasty collection of everyone’s stuff in boxes, and another from the last day of moving out their stuff from the house. Its Eliot and a cookie that his aunt and uncle sent him with their picture on it, trying to bite it, but the thing is rock hard. C and E are missed.

elsandc.jpg elscookie1.jpg elscookie2.jpg

Finally I have one pic of Jess on the phone, probably saying “Hey Bitches!” and the last photo here is a mystery to me. If anyone has any knowledge of who is pictured here, fill me in. Only my cameraphone knows, and its not talking.

jessphone.jpg noclue.jpg