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DJing Thursday at the Druid Pub

I will be setting up beforehand with two turntables and my computer and a three channel multiple microphone mixer, ideally outfitted for three arm mixing. Check out the flier I made, which should be hitting Cambridge St. today:


Goodbye Carlos

My good friend Carlos was killed last Friday in the kitchen of Turner Fisheries, where I used to work, by a cook who I used to smoke cigarettes with by the employee entrance. He was stabbed to death after a fight broke out between them. Tomorrow I am going to the funeral, and I hope that it will help me work out some of the conflicting feelings I have. I am angry that this could go down, because its so stupid for anyone to kill another person.

I want to give some hate to the newspapers, especially the Boston Herald, for printing such hyperbole as “The busy chef station inside the Turner Fisheries Restaurant & Bar turned into hell’s kitchen yesterday afternoon when a hot-under-the-collar cook knifed to death a “pretty boy” waiter who he suspected of spreading rumors about him, police sources and witnesses said.” I mean I’ve known for quite a while the kind of crap the Herald prints, but Carlos wasn’t just some “pretty boy”. He took care of himself, and was a good father to his son.

The Globe, no better, though less sensational, actually included a quote from a tourist who wanted to eat at Turner Fisheries, which has been closed since all this happened. The quote blows my mind. “Janet Reilly , who was in town from Monterey, Calif., had tried to eat at Turner Fisheries but was turned away.

“You can go anywhere in the world and find people who are angry at one another,” she said. “A stabbing here, a stabbing there; [Boston] still isn’t New York.””

Who cares what some West Coast tourist says about stabbings? I don’t see how that is relevant to my friend’s murder. I’ve heard that the Westin tried to re-open Turner Fisheries the next day, Saturday, but the Union and the employees weren’t having it. I cannot imagine going back to work at that restaurant, and I hope they stay closed for as long as it takes for everyone to find a new job. And I hope the Westin pays out millions of dollars to Carlos’ family.

Sensitive is the word I would employ to describe myself at this point. Sensitive and sad. Hopefully I will be able to be with everyone I used to work with at the funeral tomorrow and we will be able to talk about all this crap. Until then, I don’t know how to say goodbye to my friend. He introduced me to Riley’s Roast Beef.

Mistrah Moses, Don Jose, and the East Coast BBQ Team

My boy’s fantastic Mr. Fox grandfather Moses came up to hang out with all of us at the baby shower as the day turned to night. The old man smoked cigars and dropped gems of wisdom and knowledge on all our young heads like the narrator from a Skittles rainbow commercial. He told me that because I was born between astrological signs that I go both ways, and thats the truth. Then I took off my shirt and asked people to feel the bulge in my stomach from my brisketting. Not that I don’t do that every day…

b01.JPG b02.JPG b03.JPG b04.JPG b05.JPG b06.JPG b07.JPG b08.JPG b09.JPG b10.JPG b11.JPG b12.JPG b13.JPG

Bingo Balls Video from the Baby Shower

For some tripped out viewing I recommend this one in slow motion with special emphasis on the green balls…

View from the Top of my World

Down the street from the two restaurants where I work, the East Coast Grill & Allstar Sandwich Bar, is a high rise apartment building where my good friend Mr. Taylor lives. He had a baby shower on the top floor of said building last weekend and after brunch a bunch of us from the grill got up there to help him and his girl and their families celebrate the coming of his son. These are some of the shots that I took with my camera from literally about 500-600 feet straight up from where I am routinely working, with couples pictures first…

Honored Parents to be Reggaeton & Supersmart Shameeka


Cambridge Iron Chef J. Lord and His Girl Nora


Sweethearts Kiki & Maggie


Sweet Jackasses Thomas and Me (in these couples pics the male name is generally listed first)


The rest of these shots are of Cambridge from Inman Square to Central to Harvard. They remind me of the other day when my friend Moodius, Thomas and I helped this girl move using Moodius’ El Camino (aka Truckcar) and I got to cruise around the sunsetting streets of leafy Cambridge. In the back of an El Camino, squeeling wildly. You know it would have made your day to have seen me cruise by with that steez!

im051.JPG im06.JPG im07.JPG im08.JPG im09.JPG im10.JPG

Introducing Jedi Seth

Former East Coast sous-chef Seth stepped back in on the grill this summer while the staff looked to replace Allstar Sandwich Bar GM Brent… he is a delight! Find him here on video with Brian giving the finger, and the song “Speedo” by the Cadillacs spinning in the background.

m1.JPG m2.JPG m3.JPG