Monthly Archives: October 2006

And now a heartfelt political endorsement of Candidate Kinky for Governor

The best political ad in a long time. A Jew quoting the Book of John, actually quoting Jesus speaking about himself with the name he called himself, “the Good Shepherd”… vote kinky!

Slicing Roast Meat (Indie Grocer Style)

This is what I’m talking about when I say that Wednesday is Prime Rib Night in the Prepared Foods section of the local Independent Grocer’s Association joint. (In “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Meat Sick Adventure” voice…) “Succulent, bro!”

meat1.JPG meat2.JPG meat3.JPG

Me Want to Drum Drum Drum


Im dried out from working so much. Drank at least six diet cokes, a Perform vitamin water, a redbull, at least four glasses of water, a jamaican ginger beer, a Doctor pepper, a schwall* of grape juice… peed three times. Its the dehydration, or the sweating. One or the other. Either way. The caliber and quantity of crab cake sales I perform qualify me as Doctor Crab Cake.

Thomas, my roommate, crafted the cake. He was put in charge of the crab special. Sold like hotcakes. In terms of the caliber consider this: I sold a Phillipino woman two for her entree. Came close to the glory of two Hawaiian Gold mahi mahi dinner platter sales, which featured an entire mahi mahi fish on the bone and an array of Latin sides. I am Doctor Crab Cake, and my syringe is full of Cream.

Got out of work early today and took the country roads home to Ct. Maybe its the journeys, but been having weird dreams lately. Could be the cold weather. Some places from my childhood… can not go home again. Probably the entire cellular tissue of my brain and its sac has been regrown since the days when I could legally order off the kids’ menu. Yet I recall always ordering the chicken fingers. Now its reubens, and I’m not afraid of buttons.

Certainly been missing certain people, and wonder if they might be reading me. Thought about you lately homey, keep calling and writing because one of these days I will hit you back. Of course if you stop by the office I’m always available. Scrod has been stalking my thoughts lately, arresting my attention. Kicking around an idea for a bowling alley that serves only scrod and fingerling potatos. No asparagus, because it makes pee stink.

This bear is going to hibernate. The old hair is growing until the green leaves go back out the branches. DJing went well, except for the people in and out of the bathroom, sitting on the banquettes and causing hairspray interference with the technology. Request line was open until my laptop toppled the wireless network, mostly deathmetal. Meat Loaf’s third Bat out of hell rock opera comes out on Hell-oween