Monthly Archives: November 2006

Thunderbird Aftermath

These are three pictures I’m putting online to sum up my Thanksgiving experience. The first picture is of the late-night snack I ate at 1:30AM after Thanksgiving. The second is my “Whatever, I do what I want” face. Don’t let it convince you; I do feel guilty about eating a plate of apple pie, potato chips and chocolate ice cream hours after hitting the thunderbird and mashed potatos so very very hard. The final picture is of our dog, normal status constant starvation, finally sated after the flight of the thunderbird. Voila!

snacklove.JPG whateverdowhatiwant.JPG deaddog.JPG

Higher Standards, a video by Mister Chance

If only the operator from Bank of America could see the analogy between the penny/dime towers, the dollarbill airplane, and 9/11…