Wielding the Street Sign

The popped collars said, what if I don’t listen to you. “If you don’t listen to me, I’m gonna kick all your asses!”


Like a super weapon.


3 thoughts on “Wielding the Street Sign

  1. bait says:

    that is a scary heading. and leave those street signs alone! the streets and interstates of america are pretty much its pride and joy, the best example of a collective government action, the thing Americans made for each other and by each other, a web of oil-derived tar that turns environmentalists in theory into daily drivers in practice and allows and in fact encourges the scenes of our lives to play out ever farther apart — i’ll meet you in texas next week! breakfast at home, in the car for an hour alone, in the office 100 km away, cheap oil for blood —the streets are the peak of our socialism: and you make a game of a fallen street sign?

  2. Mrs. Pym says:

    Which stop do I get off at when I want to go to CVS and pick up my daughter’s ‘meds’? Thanks for nothing, Sign-Man.

  3. noamsky says:

    degenerate vandal! I’d jam that T sign up yer ass if I didn’t think you’d love it so.

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