Hunger Gets What Hunger Wants

“Don’t you touch my hotdog Cody. Don’t you touch that hotdog.” That’s what I had to say to the young Cody when we went to the ballpark last week for a Red Sox game. He was wild and young and pale white. Everything I told him not to do he did it. He got it done.

Here’s an interesting commercial that Genevieve shared with me during her visit last weekend. Good to see my brand and trademark being stolen and used at will for hotdog advertising. Some knuckleboob probably typed in “hotdog” on the Google and up popped the biz and they was all like, “Oh I gots an idea for an ad. Three arms and a hotdog.” Game, set, snatch.

3 thoughts on “Hunger Gets What Hunger Wants

  1. no says:

    What is the target audience of this commercial?

    Look, 3rdarm, I am sick of your meat ads: give me a tofupup ad anytime, but leave the Animal Farm sleeping!

  2. art.mullen says:

    target audience: meat-heads, bears, meatballs, meat and greet, butchers, choppers, meat-eating cats, toothy twinks

  3. noamsky says:

    git r done

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