Memorial Day Freak Show

What’s up, my brother! Here are the pictures from the Yakaitis Family Memorial Day Freak Show. Pictured are the Yaks, the boys, the freak flags waving, nude conga line down to the beach at midnight with boom boxes… say wha? Thank you Bull and Ruth… and now enjoy.

yak01.JPG yak02.JPG yak03.JPG yak04.JPG yak05.JPG yak06.JPG yak07.JPG yak08.JPG yak09.JPG yak10.JPG yak11.JPG yak12.JPG yak13.JPG yak14.JPG yak15.JPG yak16.JPG yak17.JPG yak18.JPG yak19.JPG yak20.JPG yak21.JPG yak22.JPG yak23.JPG yak24.JPG yak25.JPG yak26.JPG yak27.JPG yak28.JPG yak29.JPG yak30.JPG yak31.JPG yak32.JPG yak33.JPG yak34.JPG yak35.JPG yak36.JPG yak37.JPG yak38.JPG yak39.JPG yak40.JPG yak41.JPG yak42.JPG yak43.JPG yak44.JPG yak45.JPG yak46.JPG yak47.JPG yak48.JPG yak49.JPG yak50.JPG yak51.JPG yak52.JPG yak53.JPG yak54.JPG yak55.JPG yak56.JPG yak57.JPG yak58.JPG yak59.JPG yak60.JPG yak61.JPG yak62.JPG yak63.JPG yak64.JPG yak65.JPG yak66.JPG yak67.JPG yak68.JPG yak69.JPG yak70.JPG yak71.JPG yak72.JPG yak73.JPG yak74.JPG yak75.JPG yak76.JPG yak77.JPG yak78.JPG yak79.JPG yak80.JPG

Almost all photos are credit of Ruth. Thank you, my sistah!

One thought on “Memorial Day Freak Show

  1. zoooo cute says:

    so cute those photos of the boys and girls! the fire! only complaint: that pork t-shirt on the 3rdarm does not appear to be a protest against pork-eating, but rather some pro-pork-eating deal. i recommend other attire.

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