The Last Of The Fall Leaves


Its been a long week. Tears… I cried three times one day. I think it was Wednesday. Once while blogging, then at the end of the film “The Red Shoes,” then again while writing my best man speech for Eliot and Christina’s wedding this weekend. I listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac. Tusk, Gold Dust Woman, Silver Springs, Hold Me. Its emotional music. Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie wailing. Lindsay Buckingham caterwauling on the axe. Mick Fleetwood’s hypnotic drumming holding it all together. Dave said I cry easily. He said a muffler commercial could make me cry. This week, the right muffler commercial might do it. I’ve been a wreck.

2 thoughts on “The Last Of The Fall Leaves

  1. Snow Ball says:

    Snorky, keep it on the level, on the sunny side! On the sunny side!

    Is your nutrition alright? I would suggest: no meat, lots of vegetables, maximal complex carbs till you feel yourself again. He-sus!

  2. djgizzl says:

    who is the nice man who writes all these posts; we’ve never met.

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