Grito de Dolores

Little village 3rdarm

My self needs more sleep than most. And when I need more sleep than usual, I turn to a product called a relaxation brownie. It’s sold at 7-11 down the block under the name “Rastafarian relaxation brownie.” The thing gives me the sleep. It’s like dunking your head in a river of slow moving chocolate, as Louie C.K. recently put it. The main problem, small, is feeling very angry at being awake, for the entire next day. Still, it’s an ideal way to wrap the work week.

Lake geneva 3rdarm

The thing delivers real dreams, too. Last time I had one, I dreamt I was out to sea, fishing for crabs. The ocean was alive and wild and frightening. In the dream. I cried and begged the captain to return me to shore. In the dream. Then in the dream I realized that crab fishing was what I had always wanted to pursue, and hell, I was already out at sea, doing it. Living the dream (Rastafarian relaxation style) per se. So I decided, in the dream, to keep going.

The next day I woke up, at first peaceful and slowly turning very angry, at being awake. I drove down to 26th St on the South Side for the celebration of Mexican Independence. It was mid afternoon. The parade was long over, but the streets were blocked off by cops as far as the eye could see. I parked and walked in. People were relaxing (Mexican-American style) on their stoops, in their yards, with their friends and families. The cops ruled the empty streets. Whereas in Cambridge I feel everyone would be out there too.

The next day I woke up, less angry, and drove to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. A twenty six mile walking path encircles the lake, cutting through the backyards of all lakefront property owners. I walked that path too.

One thought on “Grito de Dolores

  1. Arf says:

    I need more sleep than most too, and more dreams. Dreams of sailing ships, shipyards, docks, tar-covered wood, buoys, sea-gulls, etc. Inland dreams of water-melon, pine forests, moss, shade, crickets, raspberry bushes.

    Sweet sailing.

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