Seven Layer Middle Eastern Mountain

Rufus wants a torta 3rdarm

Crescent Dragonwagon: It wouldn’t be worth the bean if they weren’t delicious too. People would never… you know. Food does three things. It nourishes us. It gives us sensual pleasure. And it serves as the medium for benign connection between human beings and other human beings. Between human beings and the earth. Farmers, those who produce it, those who cook it, from the moment a baby takes milk from its mother… It’s that triangle of things, and if food is absent, I believe, in any one of those things, we’re being shortchanged.

Tom Ashbrook (8 minutes sitting in front of cooked beans): I’m getting very ready for that food.

New custom chocolate winnower 3rdarm

Tom Ashbrook (hungry, 8 minutes later): Shelley, we appreciate your call. That sounds like a recipe for eternal happiness. And, and… But I can’t resist anymore. I appreciate your call Shelley, but the board is spread. I want to dive right in here for how many cents a day I don’t know. But when you talk about tasting, we’ve got to do it right here right now. I’m glad you’re getting people into it there in New York Shelley, and thank you for that call.

Crescent Dragonwagon: And grains and beans are a dynamite combination. Cooked in the same pot it simplifies it. Cooked separately you get a whole different range of flavors…

Chef Amado 3rdarm

Tom Ashbrook: Deep feast, on the table. What have we got here? Crescent Dragonwagon. Tell us.

Crescent Dragonwagon: Ok, first thing that we have here… I’m sliding the food towards Tom

Chef shaw in focus 3rdarm

Tom Ashbrook: And it looks like an enormous pie.

Crescent Dragonwagon: It looks like a pie but it is not a pie.

Tom Ashbrook: With black bean something on the top, or sour cream… I don’t know what is it?

Crescent Dragonwagon: No no no! You’re way wrong dude. OK take a chip here… This is a pita chip. And dip down. Go down in.

Crescent Dragonwagon 3rdarm

Tom Ashbrook: Oh this is one of those… seven layer

Crescent Dragonwagon: It’s seven layer Middle Eastern mountain.

-On Point, February 16, 2012, The World of Beans

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