Postcards 3rdarm

I was a switchboard operator at a hospital. I am blind. I was very poor at retrieving information from the computer that spoke to me so I memorized over 400 numbers. Now once I discontinued working there, those numbers evaporated. I had sequences for cardiac arrest. I had sequences for fires. For multiple areas. Once I stopped working- it has been about 2 or 3 years- they disappeared.

-David, a caller, On Point with Tom Ashbrook, The Importance of Forgetting

Small bear 3rdarm

I’m a proud, strong, Native American woman. We are the original people of this land. The British came over. A lot of killings happened. A lot of massacres happened. A lot of Native Americans were taken out. I can already see where our cultures combined- if drama is brought to me and it needs to be dealt with- I will deal with it.

-Mariah, American model, America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion, Cycle 18

One thought on “Forgettery

  1. ASD says:

    ferocious. there is no time for the meek.

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