Lula Cafe Farm Dinner

ribeye steak lula cafe farm dinner Monday

Having eaten at lula cafe many times and being a big fan and signing up for the newsletter of both restaurants reminding me many times to give it a shot I finally went to nightwood for Sunday brunch. And I’m glad I did.

Foccacia grape lula cafe 3rdarm farm dinner Monday

The server asked our drink order and if we wanted donuts first thing and I’m glad she did. Having read and reread the handwritten sample menu’s description of donuts for hours and days before the brunch that donut and a cup of coffee were exactly what I wanted. Later I would kick myself for not getting all three kinds because I saw the raspberry chocolate pudding donut and I can’t stop picturing it, always just out of reach at the next table.


Etta had a trout sandwich. The donut we had was bacon butterscotch, the cinnamon roll blueberry cream cheese, the bacon really good but I also got a side of bacon with my queso fresco cherry tomato scramble. The large open windows gave good light onto the leather and wood interior. The only problem was silverware unpolished and the butterfly leathrr chair accentuated my back fat.

One thought on “Lula Cafe Farm Dinner

  1. All names, all places says:

    Arf – the universe says you are at home, bike tires or not.

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