Chicharron Prensado

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I made a hair appointment, the next day I got a call a few hours before the hair appointment that asked to bump it up an hour and I said yes, no problem. Backtracking a bit, after work I had discovered my bike had a flat tire and got it changed at Kozy’s in River North that afternoon. On my way to the hair appointment that evening I jumped back on my bike and the tire exploded- so loudly that my apartment building’s Ukrainian handyman thought I had been shot. The question of weight gain from ingesting boxes of Crackle Thin Mints aside, I was so pissed. I called the Kozy bike store- really, I should never have gone to a place that misspells their name with K. They said bring in the bike. I called Barbara&Barbara and told them what happened- they said don’t worry about being late. I’m not going into what happened at the bike store because I don’t do 1 star reviews, but if I did, Kozy’s would get one because they never even asked, on a human to human level, what had happened with the tire blowing out, and never made sure that I was okay.

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That never happened. The bros refixed my bike. I drove the bike on my car up the Kennedy Expressway to the hair appointment, and was only 5 or 10 minutes late. Barbara&Barbara relocated and the new space is really open- windows to the treelined neighborhood, diamond shaped door to the color room, wood floors. The hair stylist, Mandy, made me feel less traumatized. “The guy who changed my tube lacked credibility because of his long hippy hair,” I told the stylist, with the creeping realization that this was not the appropriate venue to suggest long hair somehow signals a lack of credibility in regards to bike repairs. At the end when she had shampooed and conditioned and I had finally stopped talking- there had been a healing. And a good haircut.

3 thoughts on “Chicharron Prensado

  1. All names, all places says:

    Arrooooooooooooooooooooooo. Glad you’ll be safe tonight.

  2. All names, all places says:

    Glad you are bike-cruising.

  3. All names, all places says:

    Holy Moly, sweet summer in Chicago.

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