Melon Meeting

Field chiles 3rdarm nichols farm frontera grill

More texts with Effie-

Me: Let me tell you a story called the living rose- While the cable guy a giant six foot five silent bald man with massive earrings who my aunt and I both guessed was a pot guy than a beer guy was installing the cable modem I was looking at the photos and reading segments particularly the last chapters of ted kennedy autobiography and teared up over the story of his ten year old grandson Ted the third winning most improved sailor but the best part was called the living rose. We both felt on gut level the cable guy was more of a pot smoker than a beer drinker. Although I wondered if already naturally quiet how introverted he got on pot. My aunt had been living with dial up speed for months thinking it was ok. The living rose is an ancient legend Ted Kennedy conveys about a poetry contest in old times. The third place got a silver rose, the second place a gold rose, and the winner a living rose. Ted Kennedy asks- who amongst us wouldn’t take the living rose? I wonder how many folks read that and tear up and how many read that and think gimme the gold rose bitch.

Effie: I would take the living rose.

blistered chiles 3rdarm frontera nichols farm

Me: No I had smoked the last of the weed by then and had this whole thought process because I wanted buy weed from the cable guy. In the fantasy he had a pound of pot in the van. I also read this essay about how Mary Kay saleswomen get a rose gift at a particular level of sales and the stem represents other women- sister saleswomen who will support them. The thorns represent the obstacles and set backs they will face. The flower is the pink Cadillac they get when they sell a ton of Mary Kay makeup. Sweet smell of success.

Effie: That would be a weird job.

One thought on “Melon Meeting

  1. Star-spangled says:

    You are reading Harpers and smiling sweetly.

    You should reduce your text’s lengths to save your pennies in a tight wad.

    You are a small cat, good cat. Roly Cat.

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