Canal Origins Park

concrete mural canal origins park 3rdarm chicago

I drove all the way to xni-pec because it was hot out and i wanted yucatecan food because its good for that but it was closed due to an air conditioning problem. I went to sol de Mexico instead for oaxacan. We got the entremes for two- ceviche, quesadillas, taquitos, and we got the sopes filled with plantain, chicken in red mole, aguacate, chorizo. Maybe too much for starters- the cheese was filling. I liked the entremes and sopes, both of which are similar to Frontera grill apps, but a different take. For dinner I got the pork chop in manchananteles (table cloth stainer) with pineapple plantains and potatoes (mashed). The sauce was really good- I can taste now just thinking about it. Etta got carne asada- really good flavor on the steak. We took most of the entrees home because we were so full. I’m thinking about making more tacos now. The drinks were a highlight. Etta got a guava and a jalapeño margarita- both balanced and fresh ingredients. I got a tart limonada, sweet horchata and bittersweet Jamaica. I noticed the Mexican beers were all four dollars. Afterwards I walked the half block to La Plaza Paleteria for an ice pop.

praire grass 3rdarm

I was looking for a location to photograph with the late August sun and found canal origins park. It’s the place where the Missippi river first connected to the great lakes- the reason Chicago exists as a great city. It lives across from the sun times complex at about 29th street on Ashland avenue. The park gives fishermen a chance at the water front. There is a long mural in concrete depicting the history of the water ways. Walking paths through native prairie flowers and grasses.

One thought on “Canal Origins Park

  1. a says:

    Beautiful light in that there park. Beautiful summertime.

    The ice pop was after 3 (!) sugar-drinks and a huge meal?! Arooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Where’s the belt-tightening? I call for austerity measures.

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