Black Orpheus


Pierce and Via had an end of summer barbecue. We brought banana cream pie and they met Hilary. I ate hotdogs with Serbian red pepper sauce.

tomato summer frontera grill rooftop salsa 3rdarm

For most yucatecan dishes, I would recommend the Muga reserva 2007. It’s a classic Rioja with the aroma of sawdust, leather and dill. The taste is juicy cranberries, pomegranates, black currants with a little vanilla sweetness from oak, and a dry peppery finish. Perfect for any meat rubbed with achiote- an earthy blend of annato seeds and spice.

2 thoughts on “Black Orpheus

  1. a says:

    Beauty and the red fruit.

    Sail into the weekend smooth, sweet salad Bear.

  2. Insane Clown in te Singular says:

    Sweet Snorkel,

    I just watched this –

    it’s a little a-political documentary to take your mind off of of the partisan warfare.

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