Art’s Hummingbird

Etta and cake 3rdarm hummingbird art smith table fifty-two

Etta and I walked from West town to the Gold coast and the neighborhood is pretty nice- fountain at Washington Square Park, Newberry Library, Treasure Island Foods (America’s most European supermarket,) and Table Fifty-Two, living in a vintage carriage house that survived the Chicago fire. Its like a tiny old school mansion. We sat in the downstairs by the oven. There were five or six tables on a banquette along the wall and at all the tables men had taken chairs and women on the banquette. I don’t have the society bucking gene and took a chair. After amuse bouche deviled eggs and biscuits we got the tomato salad and potato salad. The potato salad was the best food I ate the whole dinner- warm mayo white and purple new potatoes with peperoncini, cornichon and smoky smoky bacon.

Tomato salad 3rdarm table fifty two art smith

For dinner we got the Sunday fried chicken and fried Illinois catfish and a pot of macaroni with three cheeses. It was a beige course with all the fried food and mashed potatoes and cheesy grits and three cheeses macaroni pot. I loved it- Etta was full. The waitstaff were great about wrapping up leftovers. Etta had two cocktails and a digestif and I liked what I tried especially the basil infused pisco drink called Not So Vanilla. For dessert I got chef Art’s hummingbird. Its eight inches tall. The two women at the table next to us (how do they decide who gets the banquette?) squealed “We’ll have what they’re having!”

3 thoughts on “Art’s Hummingbird

  1. a says:

    Arf – worried about gout.

    Go vegan distance-runner!

  2. Roxie says:

    Nora Ephron lives!!! (I’ll give you a dime if you tell me the allusion.)

  3. 3rdarm says:

    When Harry met Sally

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