Hilary at the point Hyde park 3rdarm

I met up with hil at promontory point and ankle deep in lake michigan i told her about the orca scat scenting dog I’d read about in the paper. I told her I thought Tom brokaw was incorrect when he said the 21st century would be the century of women- how stupid men are totally done forever and it’s all women from here on out. And i believe after a woman leads the country we’ll never go back to electing men for president again. I warned hil about what was written by a young new Yorker about being single in Chicago– are the Midwest guys flirting or just being nice?

Hilary promontory point 3rdarm lake Michigan

I bought an orange tie for Topolobampo and got Italian ice- the first vegan sweet that came to mind. I got melon and banana chocolate chip. We met up with via and watched the film sleepwalk with me- a film about a podcast of a stand up routine. Via and i split a large popcorn. After the film I got an espresso topped with whipped cream it had an Italian name and a key lime tart at Julius meinl. I bussed my own silver platter. Via and hil rode off to the south side.

One thought on “Pandapiglia

  1. a says:

    Keep it relaxed and tied up in orangeje.

    Hillary for president, 2012.

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