Forward with Obama Part 2

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Public reaction now best registered in tweets per minute- First lady Michelle clocked in at 28 thousand tweets per minute on night 1. My retweets from night 3-

@nickconfessore: Kerry’s attacks on Romney at ’12 convention remind me of Republican attacks on Kerry at ’04 convention.

@JBD1: @nickconfessore Payback’s a bitch.

@errolmorris: My two books, “A Wilderness of Error” and “Believing is Seeing” are about the same thing. (Beliefs determining how we see the world.)

@jeffzeleny: BIDEN: The journey of hope is not yet finished, but we are on our way. The cause of change is not fully accomplished, but we are on our way.

roly poly 3rdarm sun cat orange Maine coon

@HuffPostMedia: James Carville says the speech had an ’80s Republican tinge’ to it. Compliment?

@ChefArtSmith: So proud of President Obama 🙂

@BarackObama: “The election four years ago wasn’t about me. It was about you. My fellow citizens—you were the change.”—President Obama

@ebertchicago: My eyes filled with tears of joy and hope. We need this man at this time.

One thought on “Forward with Obama Part 2

  1. a says:

    Your tiger growls for President Obama to remain (or at least, get re-elected and then turn the helm over to Hilary.)

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