Cow, Blue and Goat

door county cherry cobbler merchant madison 3rdarm

We stayed at the ruby marie hotel in madison after driving in from Chicago looked for a good restaurant. Merchant Madison had the menu for that nights dinner up on website and the pledge that they cook local ingredients and map listing the farms. There’s a cocktail program.

manhattan rye whiskey merchant madison 3rdarm

We went and started with 3 Wisconsin cheeses- cow, blue and goat, with honey comb, pecans, dry cherry and toast. I had a cup of root soup, very fall, with lightly grilled fluffy texas toast. Etta had a rye manhattan and it had lemon and orange zest and a cherry and I had ginger limeade.

merchant madison 3rdarm cheese plate

For dinner we split sweet pork belly with red beans and spice pickled chiles and a rare hangar steak with candied onions and spice cream potatoes. It was all rich and I liked it. For dessert I had cherry cobbler with almond streusel and vanilla gelato in an iron skillet- sour juicy door county cherries.

One thought on “Cow, Blue and Goat

  1. a says:

    Your dinner is overfancy. Fancy panter.

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