Deer Shelter Rock

infinity room 3rdarm house on the rock alex jordan etta arthur mullen

I found out that December 7, 1941 the day of Pearl Harbor, the largest plane boat in the world, the Hawaii Mars, crash-landed and sank in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. There were other lessons in synchronicity at the House of the Rock. The elderly couple that walked by our car on their way in also hobbled by our car on their way out 4 hours later. I had just told the couple in matching white collared shirts and cowboy hats to take care. “It’s like a struggle you are in with other people,” Etta said of Wisconsin’s number 1 tourist attraction.

view from the glass table 3rdarm infinity room house on the rock

“Eclectic and obsessed. Way too much stuff. What a waste,” said the woman in the white cowboy hat. I had a head ache and my feet and knees ached from walking and my neck and shoulders hurt from hauling the canon camera for 4 hours. In the gift shop I bought Alex Jordan’s biography and a DVD and a magnet. The man died in 1990. The collection of cartoon phones by the exit through the gift shop, including Mickey Mouse and Alf phones, raised the intriguing question of what Alex would add to the house today.

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  1. a says:

    Sweet dog. Yoga calling. Stretch it out, from the middle outwards.

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