The Kallyope Yell

90 west chicago 3rdarm saturn ion

You are slow to get excited and slow to calm down, and you will harbor a grudge for a long time. You are straightforward, just, inquisitive and shrewd. Very much attached to your own opinions and determined to have your own way at any cost. You have a taste for agriculture, like choice food.

old yellar hot anton kozlik 3rdarm

You will accumulate large amounts of personal property. You will have large endowments left to you. Brothers and sisters will make trouble for you and cause you to take a long journey. You will travel a great deal. Your talents are the fine arts. You have a long life.

One of your lucky numbers is 10.

-Esmerelda tells all

2 thoughts on “The Kallyope Yell

  1. arroooooof says:

    Sweet goodness sister trouble! Nooooo. Don’t sink into the darkness of superstition, cause sisters bring light and good. No?

  2. b says:

    That was a big-ass cookie, what?

    And I feel you about that sister trouble. Your sister, in fact.

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