sweet potato cream trenchermen 3rdarm

We took Meghan out to celebrate her birthday. It’s the best possible gift when the giver eats too and trenchermen was the restaurant on the top of my list. We made a 9pm reservation for three on open table. There was street parking in front- we arrived fifteen minutes early and had a drink at the well designed bar. My female companions had rye, amaro, smoked bitter cocktails- the heart of darkness ii. I had a limeade and later at the table a ginger beer. We got sat in a booth and made a food sharing plan. We started with white sturgeon caviar and salmon tartar on brioche with creme fraiche and brown butter- rich, smoky, salty. We got fried chicken pickle cubes in pink sauce, my favorite. It was a red onion yogurt that tasted like sour cream and chive. Sweetbreads were like pork belly with black garlic, xo sauce and salty seaweed. Japanese sweet potatoes in miso cream were starchy.

pickle tots trenchermen 3rdarm

For dinner we shared the chicken thigh and the shortribs. There was popcorn grits, almost as good as the pink sauce. There was hot sauce- it’s just hot sauce. The shortribs were mustardy. There were chopped cornichons. For dessert we got all four. The server and staff served them with a candle, per my open table request. The chocolate marquis had a fruit rollup cape and toasted sesame ice cream. The coffee cake had tofu ice cream, fried chocolate and smoked meringue. The corn donuts had mascarpone sorbet, peach and tomato molasses. The best was the sweet potato cream with Concord grape sorbet and pistachio cake. The food and drinks, the service, the hostess wishing my friend a happy birthday on the way out the door- way good.

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