Under 5 mph Approach

sunset shadows october 3rdarm bear mask

I thank my good friend Meghan because if she had not enlisted me to run with her I probably would have stayed on the couch eating butter instead. It was an old heist film, where the young gun brings on the old hand to roll the dice just one more time. In texts in between eating the day after, I looked up my time and my times the last four years-

wine book frontera 3rdarm roly poly cat

2009- 5:48:00 (somewhat questionable because of the double zero and results also list “net time” of 5:41:28)
2010- 6:29:08 (52 seconds from disqualification- had met up with my limping friend luis and walked with him to finish)
2011- 5:39:54 (personal best)
2012- 5:45:15

wine notebook frontera 3rdarm roly poly cat

That means my peak speed is 4.88 miles per hour- I’m averaging under 5 mph. Every year Obama has been president I have run a marathon, at roughly the same speed, in roughly the same amount of time.

2 thoughts on “Under 5 mph Approach

  1. aroo says:

    You are the running man, the strong guy. If you aren’t running in the morning when the sun comes up, you aren’t lion or gazelle but star.

  2. a says:

    That cat – that Roly, sweet cat.
    Is that scissor set harming him, causing him to roll in cuteness?

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