Bob Chinn’s

bob chinn's slice of paradise

Bob Chinn’s is top notch. It sits on Milwaukee Ave in Wheeling, IL with its super neighbors- Superdawg Drive-In. We got there Monday in the late afternoon / early evening. To start we got a dozen Blue Point oysters for about six dollars- early bird special. We also were offered and accepted garlic butter dinner rolls- watch out. My sweet got a mai tai and it was good- not too sweet for my sweet. She got to keep the tiki cup. I got a Diet Coke and I got to keep the Bob Chinn cup. Later at the boutique I bought a Bob Chinn crab magnet and several Bob Chinn matchbooks, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

bob chinn's dining room 3rdarm

For dinner I asked the server, Sam, who was great, what she recommended in terms of crab. She directed me to the select king crab legs, steamed hot, with drawn butter and Bob’s garlic aioli. We got that with green beans, plus a 8 oz. steak with garlic butter lobster meat and potatoes. The steak was cooked perfect and tasted great together with the lobster. My first time eating king crab, so tender and sweet- the best part of dinner was when Sam demonstrated how to crack them and sprayed king crab juices all over the booth next to me. That’s how I knew it was a party.

select king crab legs bob chinn's wheeling 3rdarm

I can’t say enough about how good the service was- Sam checked in every few minutes, was on top of everything, but never overbearing. The second refill of my Bob Chinn’s cup Sam said, “Another diet coke for the big guy.” I replied, “Speaking of Big Guys,” and told her about how we had come to Bob Chinn’s- based on Phil’s youtube video and his recommendation. I asked if she knew who that was and she said yes, as a matter of fact, he would be coming in later that night. She also told me that Bob Chinn is alive and well at 89, walks with a shuffle, but retains his tenacity.

blue point oysters bob chinn's wheeling 3rdarm

I was high on crab. For dessert we got Bob Chinn’s slice of paradise- purple sweet potato (from Hawaii) pie with macadamia nut. Like the mai tai, it was not too sweet. Bob Chinn’s Crab House is the best kind of surprise dining out- classic, balanced, delicious, satisfying. I rode home past Superdawg without a second thought of bringing back a hotdog.

One thought on “Bob Chinn’s

  1. a says:

    Sweet saurkrautner, you have to leave those animals of the sea and land be. But glad you are out, about, on the town.

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