Squash Cat

cat toms farm market huntley il 3rdarm

We drove from Chicago to Tom’s Farm Market for an exotic pumpkin and other fall treats. To start we had 2 hot ciders, 2 pumpkin donuts, 2 apple cider donuts, and shared a bowl of cheddar and brocoli soup. We sat in the dining room and a thick (hope she doesn’t read yelp) golden retriever walked in through the automatic door. She sat for me to pet her. Behind our table on a love seat was a long haired grey cat, small, with a collar. The cat was top notch. The place was starting to fill up with kids so we went outside to look at the strange gourds. Instead of a white pumpkin or a cinderella pumpkin I picked a manatee colored hubbard squash to carve at home. We paid for that and three apple caramel cookies and a small blueberry pie.

One thought on “Squash Cat

  1. arse machine says:

    Gluttinous baby bear!

    I am glad that cat is pet and sweet.

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