Eagle Trail

eagle tower 3rdarm

I know I needed to get away from the city and relax. The new position at work- dinner shifts at Topolobampo, along with my addiction to the grind of media coverage for the election had me worn out. As a matter of fact, I had needed several nights sleep to get the wild and weird dreams out of my head. By the last night I was sleeping tight but the first night I dreamt this.

from the top eagle tower peninsula state park 3rdarm

The world’s largest hotel was built on Lake Superior and it resembles a beached blue whale. They named it the Marquette Burj. I am offered an internship there and so am driving along the lake shore drive. My car gets stuck in the mud. Chef Moyo comes up in his truck and pulls me out.

One thought on “Eagle Trail

  1. a says:

    sleeper, rest well.

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