Green Bay Farmer’s Market

egg and bacon wagon green bay farmers market 3rdarm

We spent the night in Green Bay on the way up to Door County. Before leaving town Saturday morning we stopped at the Farmer’s Market downtown, at the corner of Pine, Cherry, Monroe and Quincy streets. The last market of 2012, which had run from June 2 to that day, October 27. We got an awesome breakfast sandwich at the Egg and Bacon Wagon, an old school silver stream trailer. We split a brat and a cup of hearty soup at Booyah-To-Yah and a super buttery pastry at Brillion Bakery. There were beautiful local vegetables- I saw at least three colors of cauliflower, and some speckled swan gourds. Looking forward to the spring.

butter thing farmers market green bay 3rdarm

Interestingly, there was oldies radio playing at the soup and brat stall. The song, “Hand Jive,” came on as we ordered a cup of steaming hot boo-yah, or soup, and a plump brat. A Wisconsin man behind me in line spoke up. “Hey hey hey, wait a minute,” he said. “I don’t want the health department to shut you down- it sure don’t seem safe to ladel out hot booyah with that Hand Jive song on.” This is why I love Wisconsin.

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  1. a says:

    food. everywhere.

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