Wickman House

door county october 3rdarm

Wickman House was definitely the best restaurant I have visited in Door County, maybe in all of Wisconsin. The portions, quality of ingredients sourced locally, friendly and professional staff, beautiful hardwood floors, dimly lit interiors with porch and fireplace, location at the end of the peninsula, craft cocktails, Wisconsin beer, chefs and owners have something special happening here.

Etta got an island orchard brut cider, made 1/4 mile down the street, and I had a cucumber limeade to drink. We split the house salad to start, with some well baked bread and salted butter. The server recommended the burger and the ciappino for dinner. I said I would take the seafood stew. CHEE-OH-PEE-NOH.

me in green bay 3rdarm arthur mullen III

The salad was small with a great blue cheese dressing. The bread and butter was superb. The burger was as bloody rare as Etta wanted, thick and juicy, with bacon, local pickle- very satisfying. But the ciappino was outstanding. Perfectly cooked giant scallops, shrimp, mussels, and whitefish in a spicy broth with toast for dipping.

I don’t know that I have ever had perfectly lightly cooked whitefish but man was it good. It totally absorbed the flavor of the broth, but retained some sweetness. I really loved it. We took home a piece of salted caramel flourless chocolate cake. From the server’s recommendations and bowties to the fireplace and lively bar, I can’t imagine a better place to eat.

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