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Bean Hole

chef chris schlesinger bean hole 3rdarm

NYT- There seems to be so much serendipity in your life. Are you actively cultivating these moments or just hoping that they come to you?

stuffed jalapenos frontera grill 3rdarm

Bill Murray- Well, you have to hope that they happen to you. That’s Pandora’s box, right? She opens up the box, and all the nightmares fly out. And slams the lid shut, like, “Oops,” and opens it one more time, and hope pops out of the box. That’s the only thing we really, surely have, is hope. You hope that you can be alive, that things will happen to you that you’ll actually witness, that you’ll participate in. Rather than life just rolling over you, and you wake up and it’s Thursday, and what happened to Monday? Whatever the best part of my life has been, has been as a result of that remembering.

31st Street Blues

marcia mello chicago 3rdarm

My love don’t change
There’s going to be some stealing
My love don’t change
There’s going to be some stealing done
And if I backbite you
I don’t mean no harm

marcia etta lake michigan 3rdarm

What do you want with a woman
When she won’t do nothing you say
What do you want with a woman
When she won’t do nothing you say
What do you want with a rooster
When he won’t crow ‘fore day

marcia gets low 3rdarm

If my love don’t change
There’s going to be some riding done
If my love don’t change
There’s going to be some riding done
And if I take you woman
I just be made my run

dusky 3rdarm 31st street beach chicago

Going in one of these alleys
Get me some lonesome booze
Going in one of these alleys
Get me a quart of this lonesome booze
My woman done left me
I got these love changing blues

last piece tart marcia 3rdarm chicago

-Love Changing Blues, by Blind Willie McTell, performed here by Marcia Mello

Gallery Cabaret

charlie gallery cabaret chicago 3rdarm

Marcia played a three song set at the Gallery Cabaret on Sunday night. It was my first time seeing her on stage. Springa came, her friend John came, and there was a lot of music and fun was had by all.

marcia mello gallery cabaret chicago open mic 3rdarm

She played “Shake Sugaree” and “Fence Breaking Blues” and “Merlins Cave” all captured on youtube video. Charlie the cowboy played “If you could read my mind” by Gordon Lightfoot.

Mexican Food

maxwell street market marcia mello 3rdarm

Marcia got a taste of some of the best Mexican food Chicago has to offer. Friday she and Etta came in to Topolobampo for fine dining lunch. They split classic tortilla soup, crispy skin artic char in mojo de ajo, and barbacoa style black cod from the Sea of Cortez.

maxwell street market elote 3rdarm calvillos

Saturday we stopped for lunch in Pilsen at the famed family restaurant Nuevo Leon. I had grilled shrimp in slow cooked garlic with homemade tortillas. I think Marcia had a steak burrito.

pambosa 3rdarm maxwell street market

Sunday morning Marcia and I went to Maxwell Street for the market, but most importantly, for the homemade Mexican street food. We ate at my friend Jesus’ family’s outdoor restaurant.

quesadilla maxwell street market 3rdarm

We split a quesadilla filled with squash blossoms, a tomato sauce drenched torta of potato and chorizo called a pambosa, a huarache- masa flatbread with al pastor topping, and elote corn with a thick cap of mayo, lime and chile, and a steaming hot styrofoam cup of champurrado.

Garfield Park Conservatory

fern room garfield park etta marcia 3rdarm chicago conservatory

Saturday we took Marcia to 3 parks- the Hubbard Street murals, Garfield Park Conservatory, and 31st Street Beach.

good light garfield park conservatory marcia etta 3rdarm chicago

We found the best light at Garfield Park.

Hubbard Street Murals

tiger marcia arthur 3rdarm chicago hubbard st murals

The Hubbard Street Murals, on Hubbard between Ogden and DesPlaines in Chicago, were originally painted during the 1970s. A few years ago, Union Pacific Railroad began repairing and replacing the aging concrete train embankment, unfortunately affecting the artwork in the process.

turtle etta 3rdarm hubbard street murals chicago

The HSMP began seeking interested individuals and groups to restore some panels and bring new artwork to the refurbished embankment. With support from Union Pacific Railroad, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Arts Council, the mural project lives on.

yellow bird 3rdarm marcia hubbard street murals chicago

The new murals maintain some of the original themes: wildlife, endangered species, ethnicity, and Chicago history.

Alcala’s Western Wear

western wear etta marcia 3rdarm arthur alcalas chicago

Alcala’s has Chicago’s largest selection of Western wear. It is located right around the corner on Chicago ave flanked by full size bucking broncos. Marcia visited the store at least 3 times.

andre the giants boots alcalas western wear chicago 3rdarm

She bought presents for friends in France. I bought a Western print button down. Etta envied the taxidermy.


steak night 3rdarm

Marcia Mello arrived in Chicago on Thursday night. I got out of work, rode my bike home, and Etta and I took her out for hangar steaks at Feed.

chicken wall 3rdarm feed chicago arthur marcia mello

She was mesmerized by the clucking chicken that lays the lucky eggs, and she cleaned her plate.

Chopping Block

roly poly 3rdarm etta

Marcia is coming to stay with us. I’m looking forward to a home full of her music, love, stories, and what adventures we will have.

air taco topolobampo 3rdarm

I got 2 flat tires inside of a week. My theory is that is connected to the repaving of Grand avenue. Ive been riding my bike down Hubbard street instead of Grand. Its really neat to be seeing a new sliver of the city.

French Pastry Experience

pecan and espresso florentin tuile french pastry school

My friend Laura from colorado spent a few days with us this past spring. She took a continuing education class at the French Pastry School. I attended the FPS Experience tonight with a gift certificate she gave me. It was super cold out and I rode my bike to the school on Jackson, across the street from the Sears tower. The director Franco greeted me on the ground floor and more staff and culinary students waited a few floors up. I grouped with a few middle aged women and we toured the kitchens and, memorably, the cake room.

french pastry school 3rdarm

Chef Dimitri and Chef Josh, pastry experts, demonstrated how to make a plated dessert. There were maybe thirty attendees, only one other male besides myself, all middle aged or older women. I sat behind a gang that could have been the golden girls. It turned out they were the rowdy ones. The lady with the British accent kept interrupting the chefs with questions and comments. “How much egg is 75 grams?” she screeched. Chef Dimitri with French accent that could be mistaken for sarcasm replied, “One and a half.” The ladies all laughed nervously. He wasn’t kidding.