feed chicago thursday steak night 3rdarm

I learned about a technique to fortify sweet potato with limestone overnight, and then candy the sweet potato through seven days of cooking down in sugar. It works for other fruits and vegetables as well. This Monday I am taking the introductory class at the French Pastry School, with a gift certificate from my friend Laura.

feed chicago steak night blue cheese butter

Etta took me to feed for steak night. We got there right when they started serving, 5 PM- the early birds. For fifteen dollars you get a hangar steak and 2 sides. The steak is smaller but that means there’s crispy edges in every juicy bite. The tail end was so caramelized and lustrous. The blue cheese butter was tangy, rich and satisfying. For sides I got macaroni and cheese and French fries. The fries were handcut- damn good.

banana bread pudding feed chicago 3rdarm

For dessert I got one banana bread pudding for there, 2 to go, and 2 slices of confetti cake to go as well. The server asked if I was stocking up the for week. Not that I won’t pay $$$ for good cake, but my point is when do you get a piece of good cake for 3.50. You got to stock up.

One thought on “Grandpere

  1. OK, BUDDY says:

    It’s intervention time. Flight is booked for the West Coast and that’s the first step. We’re going to hold you down and force you to go to the beach, the mountains, and stay 100% plant powered. You’re trying to die a Chicago-style death and that is understandable: it’s fucker cold and windy there, and filling yourself with animal fat is a defence mechanism. We’ll put you in the sunshine, fill you with vegetables for a few days, and have a talk then.

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