French Pastry Experience

pecan and espresso florentin tuile french pastry school

My friend Laura from colorado spent a few days with us this past spring. She took a continuing education class at the French Pastry School. I attended the FPS Experience tonight with a gift certificate she gave me. It was super cold out and I rode my bike to the school on Jackson, across the street from the Sears tower. The director Franco greeted me on the ground floor and more staff and culinary students waited a few floors up. I grouped with a few middle aged women and we toured the kitchens and, memorably, the cake room.

french pastry school 3rdarm

Chef Dimitri and Chef Josh, pastry experts, demonstrated how to make a plated dessert. There were maybe thirty attendees, only one other male besides myself, all middle aged or older women. I sat behind a gang that could have been the golden girls. It turned out they were the rowdy ones. The lady with the British accent kept interrupting the chefs with questions and comments. “How much egg is 75 grams?” she screeched. Chef Dimitri with French accent that could be mistaken for sarcasm replied, “One and a half.” The ladies all laughed nervously. He wasn’t kidding.

One thought on “French Pastry Experience

  1. a says:

    You are the one true Eggbert. Sweet egg Hamlet.

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