Chopping Block

roly poly 3rdarm etta

Marcia is coming to stay with us. I’m looking forward to a home full of her music, love, stories, and what adventures we will have.

air taco topolobampo 3rdarm

I got 2 flat tires inside of a week. My theory is that is connected to the repaving of Grand avenue. Ive been riding my bike down Hubbard street instead of Grand. Its really neat to be seeing a new sliver of the city.

3 thoughts on “Chopping Block

  1. a says:

    Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side.

  2. rrt says:

    That cat. It’s a small baby cat.

  3. says:

    Think you should sign up for flattr.

    Made by the pirate bay founders. Many people would like to flattr the 3rdarm, few succeed. I would like to be the first.

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