Mexican Food

maxwell street market marcia mello 3rdarm

Marcia got a taste of some of the best Mexican food Chicago has to offer. Friday she and Etta came in to Topolobampo for fine dining lunch. They split classic tortilla soup, crispy skin artic char in mojo de ajo, and barbacoa style black cod from the Sea of Cortez.

maxwell street market elote 3rdarm calvillos

Saturday we stopped for lunch in Pilsen at the famed family restaurant Nuevo Leon. I had grilled shrimp in slow cooked garlic with homemade tortillas. I think Marcia had a steak burrito.

pambosa 3rdarm maxwell street market

Sunday morning Marcia and I went to Maxwell Street for the market, but most importantly, for the homemade Mexican street food. We ate at my friend Jesus’ family’s outdoor restaurant.

quesadilla maxwell street market 3rdarm

We split a quesadilla filled with squash blossoms, a tomato sauce drenched torta of potato and chorizo called a pambosa, a huarache- masa flatbread with al pastor topping, and elote corn with a thick cap of mayo, lime and chile, and a steaming hot styrofoam cup of champurrado.

One thought on “Mexican Food

  1. arf magic says:

    That looks like the most delicious Americana possible. Long live Chicago. Wish the animals were left out of it, but glad that the people are smiling.

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