Floating Poncho

marcia mello 16 poncho 3rdarm

The first sunday of december, temperatures on the east coast hovering below freezing, and snow, its in the mid sixties in the midwest.

edzos single burger 3rdarm evanston

I did some more work on building my midwestern body shape when we finally drove up to evanston to try out Edzo’s burger shop. I had the single, a nutella shake, and the cheese fries.

etta edzos 3rdarm

I was struck by the technique. The burger patty was smashed, the edges crispy and caramelized. French fries were crispy amidst layers of tangy cheese. In the creamy and rich hazelnut shake were denser swirls of pure chocolatey nutella. The rest of the shaker was served frosty on the side. Free refills on a single size soda- a good idea even Mayor Bloomberg would approve. There was evidence of a lot of care in the place.

One thought on “Floating Poncho

  1. a says:

    Your lovely lady wants you to have the body shape of a California surfer man, I am sure of it. Greens, beans, grains inside.

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