Three Aces

frontera grill sweet corn tamales 3rdarm

Last week I ordered a large, late night deep dish pizza. I ate a slice for breakfast while riding my bike in winter coat, a rolling beast. A few nights later I was still pretty pizza-ed out from the wheat bomb and cheese blanket of the deep dish, but found myself at Three Aces for the first time and it was half off flatbreads. I ordered the garlic soup, pork shank, and shortrib flatbread. My girlfriend got a balanced and tasty gin cocktail and a great burger.

frontera holiday party grill desserts 2012 3rdarm pastry

The soup was a creamy winner, the garlic has the essence of healthfulness. The pork shank was super rich in mushroomy and nutty umami. The shortrib flatbread was flavorful and meaty with melted blue cheese providing a tangy kick. Three aces is good to convert the summer patio into a winter parking lot.

2 thoughts on “Three Aces

  1. anteater says:

    Arf, that is a Midwestern pig-killer of a meal.. Sunshine, sweet fruit, light and the ocean will wash these things away!

  2. anteater says:

    Yelf, if those Midwesterners lost their dairy, eggs and meat, where would they be? There’s not a leafy green or a cabbage in the land, it would seem, save for those that serve as garnish to a carcass.

    Eye Carumba!

    Wishing the third arm a lot of sweet treats, all of them fruit and vegetable-based.

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