Fiesta de Rompope

etta making crepes quake 2 q2ctf 3rdarm roly poly

Nobody would buy the dessert from me. I was perhaps over eager- eyes swirling, palms sweaty, speaking of my love for rompope. But then I had one for lunch and it was the best dessert I ever had. Things fell apart- my car wouldn’t start, the electric teapot stopped working, my bike locks froze solid, hiccups with computer and camera. But the world didn’t stop. I got a new job fine dining hosting a couple nights a week. I made plans to hang with Els and C. And I posted the following on the Quake 2 forum in the Buffalo Lan party thread:

topolobampo fiesta de rompope 3rdarm

I want to sign up for the lan. I know its weird because don’t know you guys very well and haven’t played much since I wasn’t old enough to drink, and also because I’m not playing good yet and need a lot of practice but all that being said- from what I’ve read on forum there hasn’t been a lan in years and I am going to commit to driving over from Chicago and looking forward to meeting you guys and playing some games. Rusty I want to get my own room man. And I will bring some good stuff to eat although have found it limits my effectiveness in games.

One thought on “Fiesta de Rompope

  1. a says:

    whoa, Snorkel. Put the brakes on!

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