El’s 30

bowie table sleeping dog 3rdarm

O’Rourkes- called a classic by my friends Neil and Sandy, favorited by my aunt, and given top marks by my highly critical sister for preparing her an off menu vegan meal, deserves five stars for all of the above.

neil and rhona 3rdarm

However when I visited I made the mistake of sitting at the “family table” next to a chatty Cathy whose gleaming eyes and over eager exclamation of “Wow you’re from Chicago! Ever been to the Field Museum?” set my experience off on the wrong foot.

eliot birthday ari 3rdarm

It didnt help that the waitress clearing that half of the table dropped a pile of plates and the resulting explosion launched hollandaise sauce into my aunts hair. Not much of an apology, nothing taken off of check.

reins deli ct vernon 3rdarm

Also the waitress was not able to identify much past waffles on my $16 one-of-a-kind breakfast. “I haven’t been here the past few days, I don’t know what that is,” she said pointing to a beige lump that I had just lost interest in eating.

eliot and christina 3rdarm

My aunts great eggs, bacon, potatoes and brown Irish bread were indeed classic. Classic, yes, & always room to improve.

One thought on “El’s 30

  1. arooogula says:

    Happy birthday sweet el!

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