Shake Shack

shake shack new haven 3rdarm

I have some unique credentials when it comes to chef-driven sandwich shops- I opened Chef Chris Schlesinger’s All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge MA (later sold to the Diamantopoulos brothers) and worked for a year at Chef Rick Bayless’ Xoco in Chicago. And I’m a hot dog elite. I have ingested some tasty combinations of bread and stuff. When I heard Shake Shack opened in New Haven I was so happy and got there on my next visit to my aunts.

shake shack new haven aunt judy 3rdarm

The location on New Haven’s old school Green is great. There’s a lot of foot traffic and that’s excellent outdoor spot to relax post ingestion. Also good for digestion is the Yale University Art Gallery, right up Chapel street and free to the public. Shake Shack is a beautiful restaurant, floor to ceiling windows, open seating around fireplace, tables made of reclaimed wood from Brooklyn bowling alleys. Its a central, comforting place to eat in New Haven, for locals and out of towners.

new haven green aunt judy

When I took my first big bite of my double shack burger and revealed both patties pink in the middle I was blasted with deep beef flavor. The next bite revealed the tangy subtle smoke of the shack sauce. My aunt and I entered a silent, meditative meat bubble. Worth the trip for the burger alone and I recommend going for the hard-hitting punch of the double. The fries were well seasoned, the cheese less rich than whats served in the midwest- pleasantly light.

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