Yakaitis Ponderosa

yakaitis ponderosa ruth ray bull 3rdarm

What a great holiday- I got to spend quality time with my aunt, who I love so much, and Eliot’s family, ditto, and was really hoping to see the Yaks, who I consider my second family. I was sipping green tea by Tuxis Pond when Bull and Ruth called.

egg sandwich yakaitis 3rdarm

They said they were watching Mackie’s 15 month old son Finn. And from them I learned that Ray was working right across the street. And that CT has an aging population. “They keep getting older, and you can never get enough life insurance,” I joked.

raynut and reefer 3rdarm

I got to see Finn for the first time, and Lauren and Mackie. Bull made me an egg sandwich in the style of Mickey’s Oceanic Grill. I gave Ray some peanut butter toffee. Ruth shared with me the peanut butter cookie stash.

One thought on “Yakaitis Ponderosa

  1. A says:

    If you guys went vegan you’d be trimmer than a tree trimmed by Bill Clinton himself.

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