Feliz Año Nuevo

truffling brushing topolobampo chef 3rdarm

The last two times I went to Barbara&Barbara my bike broke. This time my car broke. My mechanic Andy is garage-less- he took it for the week. I got my haircut. The woman who cut my hair told me there are lots of fresh donuts in LA.

barbara and barbara chicago 3rdarm cat window

I found out Hilary Clinton was hospitalized with a bloodclot in her brain while in the middle of 4 hours playing Quake 2 CTF.

One thought on “Feliz Año Nuevo

  1. a says:

    Four hours playing Quake?! This is a madman’s dream of a goldfish bowl. Hope you get to LA soon. We’ll have a video-game detox; if you’re good at the very end of the week, we’ll get you a small sweet donut.

    Sweet nubbin!

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