Mirando Al Cielo

etta and art new years 2013 3rdarm

There was a woman who suffered a serious health incident on New Years Eve. The paramedics arrived in minutes. They wheeled her out of the dining room on a stretcher. The medics attended to her inside an ambulance in front of the restaurant while her husband stood in the street looking in. He stood in the cold without his coat and just looked into the back of the ambulance, his mouth moving slowly. It was hard to watch. Later, I took video of the mariachi band playing “I love velveeta.”

frontera grill new years eve mariachi 3rdarm

I wrote down my goals for work. I have a goal as a server and a goal as a host. In 2013 I want to put my training in to practice and work PM shifts at Topolo. I also want to be the new Maitre D. My new years resolution is to bring in donuts for the kitchen every Friday.

2 thoughts on “Mirando Al Cielo

  1. a says:

    Ano miribilis.

  2. arfmaster says:

    My new year’s resolution is to be sweet to Peter. And I just decided to expand it to you and Etta. You are good, and sweet. You love treats and I love you.

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