Black Market Liquor Bar

bunny museum 3rdarm los angeles

I recommend reading Steph C.’s review of why Black Market is awesome. The Paper Plane with bourbon, aperol, amaro and lemon was balanced and perfect. Chef Antonia Lofaso was at the helm of the kitchen. Fried cauliflower was impossibly fluffy with a bright lemon aioli. Peel and eat lemon pepper shrimp were large and juicy with orange segments and more aioli.

soundproof 3rdarm bunny museum los angeles

Chicken wings Korean style were addictive in a spicy cucumber kimchi. Arctic char with celery root, pea tendrils and radish was surrounded by a moat of brown butter- so rich. The sticky toffee pudding was huge and richer. Here’s the thing- order 1 or 2 dishes at a time and wait to see how full you get.

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